“When you Wish Upon a Cmdlet…”

In our lives a page turns to a new chapter.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad and in many times unexpected.

Four months ago a chapter in my life ended.  My Dad passed on during MVP Summit.

I cried like we all would at such a time, found the comfort in friends and reached out to my hero that passed away so say Goodbye.

I was blessed with the opportunity that before the last day happened I got to say to my Dad farewell.  I rememeber it well.

“…I’m so glad you were my Dad.  I Love You.” (the tears poured our in the midst of Summit unbeknownst to the many around me.)  MVP’s were around me during a break as my eyes stared at the window in disbelief.  “Dad won’t be here for more than 2 weeks….” a glistening of by eyes stared back at me from the window in Redmond.

The next day Dad finally rested, no more pain and before he left gave me a gift of an online posting.

“Microsoft PFE – Ottawa”.  I lived there, wanted the job but still was afraid to try.  Cistel, my current employer treated me so well.  We were like family.  The owner Nishith came by regulary to say Hello to everyone.  Vineet and Ron would pop by with Donuts or a pat on the back Fridays.  Colin my boss felt so much like a friend (because he was like the rest of my team and co-workers) that I didn’t want to win and walk away.

I was so afraid to apply.  I was here in a  Happy place in a good job but my heart said I wanted to give it a shot. 

I kept hearing Dad say “You want this?  Give it a shot!  If you succeed you’ll find the answer no matter the location.  You have everyone’s support.”

So I did.  Applied.  Pinged a Manager.   Went through the interviews.  Succeeded.   What an amazing  Birthday present!

I need to blink twice at this statement.  “Succeeded!”

As of this posting I am officially a full Fledged Blue Badge at Microsoft Canada.  A Premier Field Engineer. 

Many would say “I DID IT!” and I did.   But I had help.

I had my long time friend Rick from Around the Clock I.T. Solutions Inc who cut me that first big field break.  Working with Doctors, Lawyers and Professionals.  Testing my skills and finding eventually I could do things I didn’t imagine building my confidence.

I had friends at Microsoft Canada that I met after all of those Free Technet sessions in Mississauga.  People that encouraged me to be me and did so in the form of having me test my Creative bits as a “Friday Funny Guy” (Thanks to the former and current members, all of them of Microsoft Canada DPE “DX team”). My first big break of encouragement was their publishing this lone email online on the www.canitpro.ca website.

There was a also a voice of guidance, a Master who helped me understand and work on my Professionalism.  A Man who changed so many lives especially this one. The best MCT, former MVP and field expert out there.  Mitch Garvis.    If you have been touched by him, you will understand.  If you have not, I hope you do someday.    Mitch managed to focus that “Friday Funny Guy”.  

For you Mitch I am eternally grateful.   Words can never do you justice for all you have done.   

Eventually I would present at user groups, Conferences including The Experts Conference, Techdays and TechEd.   The opposite of that shy kid from High School that would not present even if an Army of Daleks stood at his back side screaming “Present Tonight! Present Tonight! Do it now or be EXTERMINATED!”

I also was blessed with the opportunity to know Ed “Hey Scripting Guy” Wilson of Microsoft and his wife Theresa “Scripting Wife”.   They helped me find the balance of “Me” and “Serious Me”.    (DUDE! It happened!)

Then there’s this massive community of MVP’s, PowerShell Community, people at Microsoft I consider friends.   I won’t name names at Microsoft but I am honored to here the many say “Woohoo!”

… most importantly Family.    the backbone which supported all of this.

My wife and kids who put up with all the offkey singing, the crazy ideas, the basement in Oshawa cluttered with every type of computer component possible.  Especially my wife.  Thank you Rose

My direct family who always encourage their crazy brother Sean to do his thing.

My Uncle and Aunt that watched this 16 year old kid disassemble a $4000 computer in 1981 and fix it…. and didn’t freak out.  Encouraging me all through life (Thanks Uncle Pat and Aunt Maureen)

Most importantly my Parents.   Mom and Dad thank you for on that fateful day, investing in a single Commodore Vic 20 for a future you foresaw but could not imagine.   I know you’re up there smiling down Dad.

I hope to make you all proud and succeed in ways I cannot imagine.   I hope to still be that “Friday Funny Guy”, “Honorary Scripting Guy” and “Former MVP” and “Professional”

Most of all, I can not wait to see where I am …. 5 years from now.

But as of March 1st 2017 I am …..

Sean Kearney
Premier Field Engineer
Microsoft Canada
“Honorary Scripting Guy”


….and maybe a future “Hey Scripting Guy!” team member? After all…. we all need to keep dreaming beyond our todays, who knows what tomorrow will bring. 


Scripting Time is Here

As has been my usual way of driving the world Bananas for the past 7 years I have two things I have done traditionally in the month of December

Write a series of Holiday Silliness in PowerShell for Hey Scripting Guy

Write a correspondingly badly sung tune for the series.

… thus we have for the 7th Annual Scripting Guys Holiday Special on www.scriptingguys.com

“Scripting Time is Here” – Lyrics and horrid video


Scripting Time is Here
PowerShell so dear
Systems run, my work is done
My alerts are in the clear

Cmdlets everywhere
Manage all with care
PC, Mac and Linux too
Remoting Through and Through

The Days end calls to me
I search the Gallery
Modules there, and Scripts as well
And Github there to see

Scripting Time is Here
Happiness is clear
Deployment done with DSC
So simple as can be

Yappie nerds…
I just not sure I understand the meaning of scripting
What do you mean?
Well I mean, really who wants to go home on time?
What?  What are you yammering on about?
I always thought staying in the Office for 18 hours a day was cool
Are you pulling my leg?  Wouldn’t you rather be home, relaxing with Family?
You mean Stinky?
Who’s Stinky?
My Bunny Rabbit
You have a Bunny Rabbit called Stinky?
No, he just smells bad.  His name is Karl.
Fine, wouldn’t you rather be home with Karl the Bunny? Earlier?
Well that’s what Scripting is all about, Consistency and getting home Earlier to Karl the Bunny.
Oh well, I never thought of it that way

The Days end calls to me
I search the Gallery
Modules there, and Scripts as well
And Github there to see

Scripting Time is Here
The days end draws so near
A single line, does work for me
I head home and I am free….

Working with the new System Path Editor in Server 2016 RTM

If I were to ask how many of you LIKE editing the System Path in Windows I’ll bet I wouldn’t see a lot of hands up in the room.  I specifically wrote a function in PowerShell to edit the path for that reason.

As the path grows it becomes difficult to manage.

In Windows Server 2016 RTM there is a new Path editor (And it’s very easy to find and use!)

Drill down to the Environment Variables as you would normally under “Advanced Settings”



When you go to view your paths, especially the SYSTEM Path there’s a new cool option, it brings up a nice GUI Editor.


“Wow! This makes editing the path WAY better!” I thought but watch out… it’s a new Feature with some “undocumented features”

If you Choose “Browse” to select a path you’ll notice something, it’s missing the extra ‘\’ which I found causes some applications to miss that folder in a Search



You can of course easily highlight the entry and add in the missing ‘\’


The other one to watch out for is the “New” button to Add an entry.   If you click on “New” and try to immediately Browse to a folder you’ll find it deletes the entry above it.


That can’t be good!


But the solution is easy.  Click “New” and begin typing something … ANYTHING in the new Field and THEN browse away… Just again remember to add in the that missing ‘\’ when you’re done.

It was actually this feature that caused me initial issues with PowerShell 6 Open Source in that I browsed for C:\Program Files\OpenSSH and the entry was missing a ‘\’ at the end.  This caused PowerShell to skip over the folder as a file when searching for SSH.EXE